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Combining the latest technologies with an unparalleled commitment to customer applications-oriented solutions, JVP Systems provides satellite-based wireless communication and information services via the JVP-1 Satellite throughout North, Central and Northern South America, the Caribbean Basin and all surrounding oceanic regions. This 6 spot beam Mobile Satellite System encompasses the greatest “home area” coverage of any regional satellite network.

The system covers North to South from the Artic Circle to Quito, Equador, and East to West from 1000 miles east of Bermuda to Hawaii. Whether you operate out of Trinidad, the Windward Islands, or the Gulf of Alaska, you're still within your "home" coverage area.

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JVP's MobileSat Service provides the strongest & highest-clarity signal available in the Western Hemisphere.

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JVP Systems is presently a privately held concern, headquartered in Burbank, California. Customer Care, Technical Support, Distribution Center and their related activities are handled from this Headquarters Group location.

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